Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Baby,

I were so excited when we found out about you...
I were so thankful and so happy to be able to finally share our lives with you...

Last night, I dream I already have you in my arms all warm and cozy, are you dream about us, too? :)
You’re still playing so much in there, especially when I can’t fall back to sleep. Are you keeping mommy company?

You’re too sweet like your daddy.
You’re gonna have so much fun getting to know all of us and us you.

It was amazing seeing you from ultrasound. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. Your heartbeat is so strong... daddy and mommy are very proud. The doctor said you are growing so well baby!!! Keep it up son! :)
Soon, baby boy... we’ll have you in our arms. I can’t wait to birth you.


  1. Ahh sara.. smoga lancar persalinannya nanti yah... ga sabar juga liat babyboynya kamu...hihihi

    1. Amin... Makaci yaa echy... Semoga cepet nyusul yaaa :)