Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Dear lovely ....

If one day my skin is no longer tight, my eyes glaze and blurred ..
Shall you stay there for me?

If one day my memory fades, I no longer can remember the wonderful stories we ..
Would you tell us all to be patient?

If one day, my hand is no longer strong enough to hold and too weak to run ..
Would you like to keep leading me?

If one day, my hair is graying and I started complaining joints sick ..
Still on that where you stay for a favor?

If one day, I can no longer sing the songs we used to sing when I was younger ..
Not whether you are bored to sing it back just for me?

If one day, I probably could not just make your favorite dishes ..
Would I still be where you get back home?

If one day, only water can I drink because my health ..
Are there still figure you were with me when the twilight?

If one day, I had to use walking aids ..
Is your smile is still the same when I was wearing heels?

If one day, my bones began to weaken and I started to hard step ..
Is your hand still clutching my hand like I used high heels down the stairs?

If one day, I was unhappy with my situation and I ask you to leave me ...
Will you always faithful to accompany me forever?

But I will always do what is best for you in the rest of my life until death do us part

-Ara for you dear Opan-