Thursday, July 18, 2013

29++ weeks pregnancy ♥

Dear Baby N ♥

Daddy and Mommy have been thinking about you everyday. Little Kevin ( Daud & Lia Baby) was just born a couple days ago and seeing him makes me so anxious for you to get here!
We thinking about everything we will need to get your room all set up and have everything ready to go once you get here in just three months left! We just have one trimester to go Yeyyy!!!

I love your movements instead of feeling little jabs and kicks, I can feel you actually moving around and sometimes feel your movements with my hand when I put it on my belly, usually when I'm laying in a car and on my bed. I love that baby :)
And now I can see my belly move when you do! Sometimes I just lay there and watch my belly and smile at your little movements ♥

Daddy and I love you so much and we get more excited about meeting you every single day!! Always love you...♥

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